The gastronomic offer.

A philosophy of good taste.

We love good taste, and not only in food.

Because real gourmands feel an innate love and attraction for all that is beautiful and tastes good. We love everything that has quality, elegance, goodness and professionalism: good taste means knowing how to select excellent ingredients, find the right wine to accompany your dish, furnish the table with elegance and style, choose colour decorations, accessories.

Nothing is left to chance: raw ingredients and recipes are all chosen and created by the same executive chef for all Litalissimo restaurants.

Pasta and Italian “First courses”

The not-to-be.missed Italian courses: Litalissimo proposes pasta, rice or soups made with meat or seafood, in both, classic or more creative recipes.

Italian Burgers

Top-quality combinations of meats, seasonings and sauces, in line with the trend of the most original gourmet hamburgers.


Classic or more richly topped, pizza is a unique dish that makes everybody happy.

Grilled meat

The pleasure of healthy recipes with typical Italian grilled meat.

Traditional Dishes

The recipes that have made our country the homeland of the gourmet, in each and every region.

Classic Starters

A tasty appetizer or a delicious snack with a glass of wine are the perfect start for your meal.

Sandwiches and Snacks

Scrumptious breaks or aperitif appetizers.

Beers and Wines

A wide selection of beers, including craft beers as well as national and local wines.

Desserts and Ice Creams

End your meal with a good ice cream, a piece of cake or a delicious creamy dessert.

The perfect ending for your meal.

Litalissimo Caffè is a brand of Litalissimo dedicated to the beverage that is the ending for your meal: coffee. It is a new coffee roastery that blends crafty wisdom, genuine passion and quality research.