Open your own Litalissimo restaurant!

Follow your passions: together,
we’ll turn them into opportunities.

You may say it’s a common place to say so, but to us Italians nothing is more important than family.

We believe that in small and big things, we all need someone who walks at our side and shows us the way. If you like our restaurant concept and you have a sincere passion for this world, all you need is getting on board to open your Litalissimo with us!


With us you can start from scratch.

To open a Litalissimo Restaurant you don’t need any degree or previous experience in food & beverage: just use your sense of business and enthusiasm for Italian quality.

Here is what our franchise formula offers you.

Becoming part of the Litalissimo network means starting a path that supports you and prepares you throughout the entire process, from the opening to the management of the venue:

  • We will give you all our know-how, providing consulting and training courses.
  • We provide you with a clear and certain method to calculate the profitability of your project before starting it.
  • We can provide you with tailored equipment and furnishings at the best price on the market.
  • You have everything ready: assistance with paperwork, staff management, and preparation of your menu.
  • We provide you with an IT system for the integrated management of the activities of your restaurant.
  • We support you in marketing and communicating your new business.
  • We take it seriously: Litalissimo’s trends confirm that being a part of it is a true opportunity, real and winning.

Are you considering some improvement in the restaurant you already run?

Litalissimo’s franchise formula also makes it possible for existing restaurant to become affiliated with a young and dynamic brand that is able to guarantee capillary logistics, qualified suppliers and 360° support.

We never have a second chance to make a good first impression: with a quality franchise you can transform the look of your venue with very little effort and low costs, making it suitable to accommodate a whole set of new highly sought-after services, such as birthday parties and themed evenings.

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