“Good food brings people closer.”

Marco Bozza

From passion to profession.

Litalissimo was born from Marco Bozza’s long and experience in the world of food catering. Marco Bozza is the owner of the Römerkeller chain.

From the sixties’ typical Italian style,  portrayed in the films with Alberto Sordi and Totò, a new project is born, that combines  Italian craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. Today Litalissimo is an efficient network of logistic organization, supply chains and customer care, where every venue, affiliate or directly managed, can count on a large number of products readily available in stock and on a management IT platform which is fast and easy to use.

We have chosen conviviality as our main dish.

Litalissimo restaurants upon special occasions they can be turned into glamorous locations for local events and initiatives, all supported by an effective marketing and communication system.

So what is missing
in your project
to make you succeed
in the world of catering?

Eat better, live better.

Our vision is a dream that we have turned into our own dream: we want to inspire moments of conviviality, warmth and optimism, and be a representative tile in the mosaic of “the Italian way”. The first thought of those who are in love with good food.

Our mission keeps us moving full steam ahead and two musts are at the very top of our list: to pay great attention to the quality of the ingredients we use and to interpret the authentic Italian cuisine and recipes, because we feel a strong connection to our land and its genuine products and we love the unique atmosphere of our country : cheerful, as are our restaurants.


Secret ingredients: people, ideas, love.

Since you cannot just fall in love with abstract concepts, we’ll tell you who and what we are in love with: people, those who create our stories every day, enjoy our dishes and the places they come from, those who live moments of true happiness around a table covered with good things. And if that table is our table, then it is a glorious moment.

We invest in the training of highly specialised, heterogeneous and collaborative staff: runners, waiters, managers, cleaners, chefs, assistant cooks and clerks, they all receive specific training programmes. We teach, but first of all we listen: if we want to improve, no one can be more useful than the staff who speaks to our customers every day and can spot in the blink of an eye the areas we should focus on more.


Our restaurants

At the Twenty shopping center.
At the Brennero Outlet Center.