Fall in love with good food

Our mission is to pay great attention to the quality of the ingredients we use and to interpret the authentic Italian cuisine and recipes, because we feel a strong connection to our land and its genuine products and we love the unique atmosphere of our country : cheerful, as are our restaurants.



It is time to enjoy a special moment.

We would like to accompany you throughout the day.

Italian Burger
Pastry and Gelateria

Our restaurants

At the Twenty shopping center.
At the Brennero Outlet Center.

Secret ingredients: people, ideas, love.

We teach, but first of all we listen: if we want to improve, no one can be more useful than the staff who speaks to our customers every day and can spot in the blink of an eye the areas we should focus on more.

Open your own Litalissimo restaurant!

Follow your passions: together, we’ll turn them into opportunities.

You may say it’s a common place to say so, but to us Italians nothing is more important than family. We believe that in small and big things, we all need someone who walks at our side and shows us the way.

A gourmet shop stop.

Take a bit of Litalissimo home with you: even if you are full, we have no doubts you will fall in love with our typical specialities.

The perfect ending for your meal.

Litalissimo Caffè is a brand of Litalissimo dedicated to the beverage that is the ending for your meal: coffee. It is a new coffee roastery that blends crafty wisdom, genuine passion and quality research.